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Glass to cabinet door, Make a difference to your kitchen.


Cabinet Glass Options


Have you decided to give your kitchen cabinetry an update?  Perhaps you have decided to gut your kitchen and get new cabinetry?  One item to think about, cabinet glass doors.  Many cabinetry companies have the option of turning your wood cabinetry doors into glass doors.  You may want to take it a step further to create a wow effect in your new kitchen, textured glass.  Veering away from the standard clear glass can really put the icing on the cake for your remodel. 


When deciding to go with a textured glass, a few housecleaning questions.  Do you have some great and interesting pieces to put behind the glass?  Remember everyone entering your new kitchen will immediately gaze at what is behind that glass.  If you are going to have a collection of various coffee mugs, textured glass may not be a great option for you.  Glass cabinetry is meant to be a showcase.  Also, glass cabinetry really should have a LED puck light installed at the top of the cabinet to highlight the beautiful textured glass and the items you are showcasing.  Lastly, to really complete the look the shelves should be glass to allow the light to shine through the entire cabinet.


There are hundreds of choices, below are a few of our favorites. 


Seeded glass has small air bubbles in a random pattern throughout the pane, creating an interesting look especially to upper cabinets with an LED puck light.


Blythe Strait

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