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How decorate open shelving in a kitchen.


Style Open shelves in a Kitchen


Kitchens can be one of the most difficult rooms to decorate. Open shelving in the kitchen is a major trend right now.

Kitchens require a lot of storage and practical solutions, but you also want them to look nice since people spend so much time there.

If you’ve made the switch to open shelves in your kitchen, or if you’re considering doing so, you might be wondering how to go about filling those shelves stylishly.


Get Organize!

Consider your most often-used items, and keep them to the lower, easier to reach shelves. Plates, bowls, and cups/mugs typically fall into this category. You’ll be so much happier with your beautiful kitchen if the open shelves are organized pragmatically.


Choose Shelves Wisely.

If you don’t already have open shelves set up in your kitchen, then the size and setup of your shelves is one of the most important items to consider. You can put up simple shelves directly on your wall, or buy a standup unit with open display areas. You’ll need to evaluate the space you have available and consider the types of items you want on display so you will know what you have room for and what will look best.


Combine natural warmth elements.

Introducing wood, or some other warm and friendly natural material, into a stainless steel kitchen provides an excellent all-around balance. Keeping the shelves themselves wood is one option; but if your shelves are already white, you could consider some wooden bowls or baskets. Bonus: the baskets look natural while doubling as an ugly-dish disguise


“Theme” is the most important …

Since the items on these shelves will be on display for all to see, it’s important that they look good together. So pick a theme or color scheme and only include items that fit. This can mean that you only choose white dishes, your favorite antique items, colorful teacups, or anything else that will look good together.


Display what you love!

This is really the bottom line for any decorating schematic – if you don’t love the items, no matter how stylish they look, you won’t be happy with the overall feel. Choose pieces you love, and your space will reflect who you are and make you happy.


Pablo Arguello

SCM Design Group



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