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Unique Ways to Transition Your Indoor Living with operable glass walls.



Operable glass walls become the main focal points to the remodel to home, increasing property value and allowing complete flexibility and control between indoor and outdoor living.


Having a BBQ grill outside on the deck just doesn’t satisfy outdoor entertaining anymore. With increasing interests in outdoor living, the popular trend of gathering family and friends outside has lead to the creation of fully outdoor livings in the backyard.


Open up Your Kitchen to a Deck:

Opens up to a deck where guests can enjoy the beautiful views with easy access to snacks that can be placed on the counter-top.


Create an Open Concept

Do you have a large backyard or deck? Open up an enclosed kitchen or living space with an operable glass walls transition to connect the remainder of the living space to the great outdoors.



Open up Your Kitchen to the Backyard

Not only can you entertain guests outside on this large backyard but you can watch the kids play while cooking a meal indoors.



Pablo Arguello

SCM Design Group


Photo Credit




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