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The subway tiles that have invaded kitchen and bathrooms around the world, the 3″x 6″ ceramic tiles were designed in 1904 for the first subway station. They were a simple design solution for the new subway, with the added benefit that the white subway tiles would reflect light in the subterranean space and then could be embellished with decorative mosaics. Since then, subway tiles have become prevalent design decision for kitchens and bathrooms.

SCM Design Group - Vogue Glass Emser tile

SCM Design Group - Vogue Emser Tile

They are somehow simultaneously traditional and modern, and they’ve just received a significant updates.

SCM Design Group - Kitchen with Subway tile

New subway tiles have pan-glazed textures — pinpoints, pinstripes, honeycombs, diamonds. It’s not just the texture that’s different, you could create backslashes that allow take advantage of the geometric configuration possibilities. White subway tiles still look pretty terrific, but if you’ve ever caught a glimpse of New York’s City Hall Station, you know how breathtakingly beautiful subway tile can be when its full geometric possibilities are realized.

SCM Design Group - Subway Tile NYC

Subway tile today it’s a synonymous of modern, versatility and elegance, the unusual sizes of 2.5″, 4.5″, mod pickets, and raised-edged mosaics along with the cool color palette of warm grays, ivories, oyster whites, mists and a nearly-black mink, along for greater designer flexibility. You can make a bold graphic statement, You’re really only limited by your subway tile imagination.

SCM Design Group - Subway tile 1

SCM Design Group - Subway tile texture

SCM Design Group Subway tile geometric shape

SCM Design Group subway tile texture and colors

SCM Design Group Herringbone subway tile

Mission Stone & Tile - SCM Design Group

SCM Design Group - Mission Stone & Tile

SCM Design Group honeycomb subway tile

SCM Design Group vertical glass subway tile

Pablo Arguello

SCM Design Group

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