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Small Bathrooms with Character! Best bathroom designs

Glass shower design it can be all shower sides with glass and depends on your desirable privacy level. Glass shower walls can be transparent, semi transparent, or etched.

SCM Design Group glass shower, half frosted

Glass showers allows you to show off your beautiful background with tiles, and shower`s trendy design. Even if you decide only for glass door, you will have modern luxury look.

SCM Design Group glass shower doors with tiled wall

The door can be with frame or frame less, which are more expensive than the first one. There are designs without door, which are usually used for big luxury bathrooms.

SCM Design Group stylish frameless shower with stackstone tile

Also there are colored glass, Color glass can also create more privacy. The cleaning is very simple and easy, and the quality is long-lasting.

SCM Design Group shower with blue glass

This stylish invention can turn your ordinary bathroom into a ultra design style. This unique design can fade and visually enhance the bathroom. Wall mounted vanities.

SCM Design Group green glass shower with wall mounted vanity

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