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How to design an entry hallway for your house

We suggest you not to ignore them. They will represent you and your lifestyle, gave an important message of you and your lifestyle right from the entrance.

SCM Design Group long illuminated entry way

Since they represent a “face” of your home, hallways and entries are very important. Hallways are narrower than the average room.

SCM Design Group entry way with espresso accents

Hallways are giving us bunch of opportunities. Providing us their glory of decor, which picked by you, can be modern, classic, o whatever you prefer. This space is also very hard to decorate because of uninterrupted space that is marked with long stretches.

SCM Design Group entry with neutral light, colors

Put some family photos, choose best ones and hang them. It is great idea, and everybody will notice it. Or place some art work and inviting tables that would do the trick. Remember you have to create a welcoming environment no matter is your house or business.

SCM Design Group entry with brick panels

Pablo Arguello SCM Design Group The Woodlands Remodeling Services Source: TWRS Painting Contractors SCM Design Group, Media

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