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Awesome Built-in Wine Areas

Built in Wine Areas

Do you have a built in desk or butler’s pantry in your kitchen that is in need of a makeover? Why not try transforming this area into a wine area. Combining glass cabinetry with storage for wine bottles and a beverage fridge really showcases this area in your kitchen.

Below are some examples of how you can make a little change that will make a huge effect in your kitchen.

SCM Design Group Built-in Wine cabinet

Adding a leathered / honed granite creates a warm unique space, coupled with an antique mirrored backsplash different from the rest of the kitchen really brings this wine area together.

SCM Design Group Awesome Small Wine cabinet

An excellent example of optimizing space, two fridges and storage! Finding what your needs is simple, look at your present inventory and decide what size storage you need. Secondly, look at the physical space you have and make the best use of that space. Make sure to think of electrical plugs, you may need them to plug in small appliances. Under cabinet lighting is a must in these small spaces.

SCM Design Group Elegant wine cabinet

This wasted space under the stairs was transformed into a lovely wine area. Glass cabinet doors adds an elegant touch, do not forget to add puck lights inside and replace those wood shelves for glass so the light shines through.

SCM Design Group Wine area / wet bar

Creating a wine area in your home is one way of creating something fun and functional and is always good for resale value.

Blythe Strait

SCM Design Group

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