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Frameless shower doors - Ideas

Almost every bathroom remodel includes a frameless shower these days. Incorporating frameless makes a very clean lined look that showcases your new shower. The beauty of frameless showers is they look great in any design style, traditional to modern.

SCM Design Group, modern, frameless shower with mixed materials

Frameless showers are easier to maintain since the glass is in direct contact with the tile eliminating the corrosion from a metal track. Using a squeegee will help the shower stay clean.

SCM Design Group, frameless shower with subway tiles

Frameless showers are created with tempered glass thus making them durable in addition they have a much thinker glass than your metal framed glass. They do cost more than the traditional framed showers but the one bonus to remember frameless showers increase your home’s value when you decide to sell.

SCM Design Group frameless shower with green glass

There really is a wow factor when you walk into a home that has a frameless shower!

SCM Design Group, bathroom with floating vanity and frameless shower

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