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Custom Vanities, Storage hidden ideas!

In today’s world we find more and more clients want custom features within their homes. Instead of the run of the mill vanity for instance, they want a vanity that has drawers and storage that works for them and they are willing to pay more for it.

Many ideas have been brought to us and maybe one will hit home for you.

SCM Design Group multi-stacking storage in vanity

One of the most asked for…electrical plugs inside the vanity. Internal electrical systems can be installed so none of those unsightly cords to your hair dryers and straightners are visible. Hiding the cords creates a very clean and clutter free vanity top.

SCM Design Group outlet in drawer

SCM Design Group pullout drawer in storage cabinet

Drawers are a great idea whether hidden behind cabinet doors or drawers themselves. Instead of having to get down on your knees to search for that forgotten bottle of shampoo way in the back, you can pull the drawer out to see everything with ease.

Do you have small children that cannot reach the sink? A built in step is a good custom feature to incorporate into your vanity. When finished push it back in and it is out of the way.

SCM Design Group built in pullout step in child's bathroom

Need more storage? A custom tower is another great option. Designing this for your storage needs is a great way to add room and still look great.

SCM Design Group custom storage tower between vanities

When designing your custom vanity take inventory of your existing vanity and plan drawers and cabinets to help de-clutter your bathroom. Include all your “must haves” and come up with some “would love to haves” and a good designer can come up with options for you.

SCM Design Group built in multi-compartment separator in drawer

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