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Kitchen Evolved...Making Your New Kitchen the New Family/Friends Room

While entertaining where do your guests most commonly congregate? When you are home with your family, where do your loved ones congregate? In today’s busy world we seem to always meet up in the kitchen.

Let’s re-think the kitchen, the meeting place, the one room in the house that gets the most traffic. Instead of defining it as the space where food is stored, prepped and delivered, let’s define it as the new family room and kitchen! Re-creating this space to include all the amenities of the kitchen in terms of cook top, refrigerator, oven and countertops and but then adding some of your family room elements.

Islands are most often where your guests gravitate. Re-designing the island to encourage your guests to be comfortable and a part of this new room will aid in entertaining. Two islands in the kitchen can create an organized prep area while still having a separate island for your guests.

Let’s face it we all multi-task. Allowing the host to be part of the party instead closed off in the kitchen cooking lends to better interactions.

Creating a little sitting area in the kitchen can create a nice space for friends to sit while the host is creating a meal.

When you are thinking about remodeling and or building a new kitchen think outside the normal parameters for this space, bring the family room attributes into your kitchen and you will enjoy for years to come. Blythe Strait SCM Design Group Photo Credits: SCM Interiors & Remodeling Hayes Cabinets Inc.

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