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How to choose the best Backsplash for your Kitchen

From tile to mosaics to marble and solid surfacing, there is a world of backsplashes out there, how to choose? Use these helpful tips when choosing backsplash for your kitchen.

Choosing finishes for your kitchen can be a challenge. Whether you are trying to find the perfect color, style, or design the little details are often the hardest to find.

Subtle aesthetic, choose ceramic tile that blend with surrounding floor tiles or even countertops. Backsplashes can take up an entire wall or just extend from the top of the counter to the underside of the upper cabinets. You choose what design style fits your kitchen best.

Metal backsplashes that use tin or metal ‘looking’ mosaics can add sparkle and a modern appeal. If you enjoy bold colors, opt for sharp contrasting color to the cabinetry or to the countertops. For bold appeal consider using materials that add reflectance or visual interest.

Whether you choose to have a artisan hand paint mosaic tiles or you choose factory-made tiles, the options are limitless to ass color and texture.

Backsplashes especially over the stove can be an opportunity to add visual appeal and a striking appearance. Consider using cement mosaic tiles, glass mosaics or crackle subway. The area above the stove is perfect of bringing a subtle backsplash into a showpiece.

The distinctive V shape of the herringbone pattern makes it extremely versatile and easy to incorporate in a projects,The kitchen backsplash is more than functional. It’s often the focal point of the room and a perfect opportunity to introduce pattern and color into the décor.

Pablo Arguello

SCM Design Group

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