Integrated Charging Stations for our lifestyles

In this mobile world we are being ruled by our batteries for our tablets, laptops, phones and even pocket chargers. Finding a place to charge these various electronics has become an issue most often cluttering your counter space. What if we could integrate these chargers into your remodel?

If you are considering a remodel of your kitchen, bathroom and even mud room consider integrating your chargers into the cabinetry of the room such as this one inside a drawer. Once integrated you can hide the plugs and cords to create a clean look and have a specified place for your electronics.

Mud rooms are popular especially if you have children. Why not add a plug for each child’s electronic charging.

What about designating a charger in your entry where you come in and put your keys, phone etc. every day. This is a smart option to streamline your coming and leaving process ensuring you have a fully charged phone and/or laptop before leaving for work or school.

Phones, laptops and tablets are becoming a big part of our everyday life, charging these items can be easily integrated into a remodel to create a useful space for your lifestyle.

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