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How to make a statement in your Master Bathroom

Have you ever thought of having a statement piece in your master bathroom? Every master bathroom has the same elements, a tub, toilet, and shower. To make a statement let’s add a new layer…a chandelier or semi mounted light.

SCM Design Group chic master bath with clustered sphere chandelier

Finding the right place for your statement is worth the investigation. There are many different local building ordinances. Without checking into your local codes could lend yourself to problems down the road such as when you decide to put your home on the market.

SCM Design Group abstract chandelier over freestanding tub

First and foremost your safety is most important. Many cities require the bottom of the fixture to be at least 5 feet above the water’s surface while the tub is filled. Obviously this is to protect us from water and electricity mixing. Checking with a local building inspector or licensed electrician for your area’s code restrictions is a great idea before hanging any light.

SCM Design Group venetian style master bath with columns around built-in spa

If you find an over the tub light is not a solution for you, consider in the middle of the room. Your local building inspector or licensed electrician may like this option better, thus safer. A chandelier in the middle of your master bathroom creates a new element.

SCM Design Group sleek master bath with double vanity and chandelier over tub

Blythe Strait SCM Design Group Photo Credits: SCM Design Group Allen Saunders

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