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Double oven ranges - review

In years past clients only had one oven option for a slide in range, sometimes called a stand alone. Today, many of the manufactures are including a second oven and/or a convection oven.

SCM Design Group double oven range in country kitchen

This option is nice when you need a second oven but do not have the space or it in the wall. Also, this saves money on labor to tear out walls to incorporate a new second oven as well as an electrician fee.

SCM Design Group wide stainless steel double oven range

GE Café series has the two ovens stacked on top of each other which work nicely. Higher end manufactures such as Thermador, Viking, Wolf and Jenn-Air incorporate the ovens beside one another. These models run from 48” – 60” in width. Often times cabinetry must be modified to incorporate these into your kitchen.

SCM Design Group double oven range with red knobs

Having another option other than wall units brings flexibility to your kitchen remodel.

SCM Design Group sleek double oven range

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